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Morley College. 2020

Morley Lectures Online


Morley College. 2020

Penny Lecture Online

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Bristol Old Vic. 2020

Small Change Workshops


Strode College. 2020

Small Change Workshops


Sweaty Betty- Empowering Women through Fitness. 2020

Ballet for Beginners & Movement Wellbeing


Peking University. 2019 / 2021

Guest Movement Tutor for MA & BA Courses





Rachel develops workshops tailored to actor, dancer and singer movement both professional and training in Higher and Further Education, in addition to providing regular workshops for performers internationally.


She has developed a practice both for teaching online and within the studio.


Her practice integrates the body as an instrument and Architecting the space.

She approaches movement from a holistic point, integral to expression and performer development.

She is influenced by a range of somatic and movement practices including contact improvisation, expressive breath and fundamental movement of Laban.


Her classes range from animal study, to exploring ensemble movement, improvisation & devising, bodies experiences through weight, time and space, to discovering points of gaze, intention, contact and expression through the body and breath.


Having worked as a teacher of Dance and Drama for several years she has a breadth of experience working with young people and with people from diverse backgrounds.

Rachel continues to develop interdisciplinary integrative work for all ages with a strong emphasis toward outreach and education attached to each project.


Rachel taught on movement on BA Acting, MA Acting for Screen,  MA Advanced Theatre Practices at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, whilst in training.


She has since lectured and provided workshops in Movement for Film, The Expressive Body, The Intent to Move & The Intent to Act, Intimacy in a Scene, Devising from a Physical Place, Connecting to the Breath, Laughter and Presentations, Movement & Music Improvisation, Movement for Singers, Movement for Camera and several bespoke workshops for R&Ds.


She has taught, delivered workshops and guest lectured at The Royal Ballet School, Peking University, Hamburg University, Bristol Old Vic, Morley College, Harkat Studios Mumbai and Central Conservatory of Music China.



The Expressive Body - For Performers.


Rachel accesses The Expressive Body as a vessel of expression by integrating movement practice with breath.


The workshops developed provide hybrid exercises for the performer developing self awareness, connection to the breath, spatial awareness, a connection to tempo, tension in the body, relation to self and others in space, a connection to both internal and external experiences, a connection to the character’s emotional graph and a physical map of a characters expressive body throughout their performance.


Rachel’s workshops originated from her own practice in Viola Spolin Improvisation, she also draws on elements of both Laban and Lecoq’s framework and is inspired by Experience Bryons Research in ‘Integrative Performance.’



Laughter Yoga


As a laughter Yoga tutor Rachel offers movement, laughter workshops and outdoor walking laughter retreats.


Having lived and worked in India, she originally trained in laughter Yoga in Mumbai then continued to develop her practice combining movement techniques and laughter with her yoga practice.


Her teaching approach is inspired by her time studying movement in Israel with GAGA People. Rachel’s laughter workshop offers a range of movement experiences to participants, integrating laughter posture and breath techniques with good wholesome silliness.


Her short online laughter workshops are available on YouTube:

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Information on business workshops and retreats are available on: